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Why did I start this? Aren’t there already tons of other APIs?#

Yeah, exactly, there are 100s of other Pokémon APIs out there. But they are all out dated. That’s exactly why I started working on this project. I needed a Pokémon API to integrate it with my Discord Bot (Bastion). So I started looking for different sources for a reliable and updated Pokémon API.
I found very reliable and up-to-date sites like Pokémon Database and Bulbapedia, but they didn’t had any public facing APIs, that was the first bump. And the sites I found that provided an API were not up-to-date. At the time of writing, a complete generation, generation 7 (Sun & Moon) to be exact, was missing after months of its release in the TV. It was clear that I couldn’t rely on them for updated Pokémon data. So, I thought of writing my own API and keeping it updated as soon as new Pokémon are released.

How did I did this?#

It took around a week to manually enter all the Pokédex data into a dataset. Then I designed & developed the RESTful API server, tested it and wrote the documentation. And here we are, with the Pokédex API.

What’s the final product?#

The Pokédex API is a RESTful API interface to a lot of data about Pokémon and related stuff that you can consume. We specifically cover the Pokémon anime series of the Pokémon franchise. And we’d love to cover the video game and the Pokémon Go game in the future.
And this website provides you with the documentation on how to use our API so that you can make awesome apps or websites that need Pokémon data. You can get information on all the Pokémon that exist in the Pokémon World, leagues, evolutionary stones and egg groups and a lot more (and a LOT LOT more in the future).

But wait, who am I?#

So, the answer to the final question, I’m Sankarsan Kampa, a.k.a. k3rn31p4nic. You can find me on GitHub @k3rn31p4nic, on Twitter @k3rn31p4nic or on Discord as k3rn31p4nic#8383 in any of my Discord Servers, Bastion or Poké Devs.