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API Wrapper Libraries#

Use any available API wrapper library for your programming language to save your time and focus on what really matters - your application or website.

Official Libraries#

Here’s a list of nifty libraries made by us that you can use for your project.



More official libraries will be coming soon.

Third-Party Libraries#

Here’s a list of amazing libraries made by us made by brilliant developers around the world that you can use for your project.

No third-party libraries are available yet. Check back soon.


If you are a developer and have made any wrapper library that can be used by anyone to power their application or website, we’d love to showcase your library here.
Contact us in our official Discord server to get your library verified. Once it gets verified you’ll get a super cool Library Dev role and a special channel for your library in our Discord Server which you can use to provide support to your library users and attract more users to use your library.